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Old vines produce some of the very best wine. And nowhere are there more historic vines than in Lodi, CA. That is, until someone decides to pull them up. Or someone decides to save them. 

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In the world of wine, nothing is quite as venerable as an old vine. As living pieces of agricultural history, deep-rooted vines 50 years of age or older produce perfectly ripe, concentrated grapes. This makes for elegant wines with a distinct sense of place of the vineyard. The trouble with old vines is that they are expensive to maintain. The older a vine becomes, the less fruit it yields. Lower yields mean less money for the grower. Not surprisingly, most old vines are kept for love or nostalgia rather than profit. Sadly, there comes a time when love is not enough to sustain these old vines and the grower is forced to replace them for younger, more productive vines. You can help stop this from happening.


Wines crafted from old vine vineyards of 50 to 100 years of age or older are special in many ways. With minimal intervention, these wines serve as true expressions of a vineyard’s terroir, reflecting both the place and the people who care for the vineyard now and throughout history. True old vine wines are worth seeking out to enjoy, even if it comes at a higher cost. Your support of these wines helps to preserve legendary vineyards in Lodi and beyond.

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There are many reasons Lodi’s old vine vineyards have such longevity. One, is place. Lodi’s deep and well-draining, fine sandy loam soils are unfavorable toward damaging pests like phylloxera and allow its old vines to slowly draw water down throughout the season. The result is consistent and balanced growth of the vine and increased aromatic intensity in the fruit, factors which make for intensely flavored, bold, and complex wines. Equally as influential is Lodi’s growers who have cared for these vineyards generation after generation. Due to their labor of love, Lodi is indisputably home to California’s highest concentration of own-rooted, gnarly old vineyards.


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Wine Packages

Sip after sip, enjoy a rare taste of Lodi’s rich viticultural history in this six-bottle package of single-vineyard, old vine wines. Quantities are limited.

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Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Get your hands on limited-edition super soft, tri-blend tees, ceramic mugs, and posters featuring a custom old vine illustration by Danilo Agutoli.

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Show Your Support

HVS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of California’s historic old vine vineyards. Your donation helps support them through education, research, and events.

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